Start of the year of Travelling

I’m back again!

I started this blog page full of good intentions at the beginning of the year, as like ┬álot of the populations the amount of project I started got overwhelming, leaving me behind on most things I wanted to start… (Lesson for next year, fewer resolutions, but make sure I stick to them when I do make them.)

However I always said this will be a year of travelling for me. Having been in education for so long I’ve always been fortunate enought to be able to go on holidays woth my family, sumemr capms etc. Now that I am gradutaed and working I have found myself with a lot less free time to travel, but also more money to be able to go on more exciting trips.

Hence I hazve decided a lot of my blog will be dedicated to my travels. It will be a collection of pictures, reviews of the places I have been and sort of a diary for anyone interested in finding new places to go/comparing and seeing if we’ve had similar expereinces.

I have already been one amazing trip this year – a week in the Arctic Circle dog sledding, snowbuggying, ice fishing, langlaufen etc. I didn’t write anything about it at the time but I will write a retrospective post about it and add some pictures as it is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. (Warning: A lot of husky pictures!)

Tomorrow I will be leaving for my next trip which is 10 days in India. I have never been before nad I am so so excited to go and experience the culture! I will be in Mumbai for 3 days, Goa 6 days and then back to Mumbai. My next post will be dedicated to my expectations, plans and other general thoghts before I set off tomorrow.




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